About The Yoga Rooms

The Yoga Rooms was first established in Chorlton by a group of Yoga teachers wanting a warm and inviting space in which to teach and practice Yoga.

The Chorlton studio opened its doors in January 2008 and since that time has built up a full timetable. We have a broad range of styles and levels of Yoga and Pilates classes taken by the best teachers in Manchester. From baby Yoga, to Yoga for seniors and everything in between, there is a class to satisfy everyone, regardless of fitness, age, gender, race or size.

The Yoga Rooms was initially established as a not for profit co-operative. From the very first day we offered community access classes for different sections of the community and many of those classes still exist today. Classes for children, women only, people with CFS and more – all priced to encourage participation by those with lower incomes. We also offer a family yoga class for parents to attend with their children. All profits from this class are donated to the local charity, Manchester Women’s Aid.

Over the last few years things have slowly evolved, people have moved on, others have found different priorities and for sometime The Yoga Rooms has been run by Evka Suchomelova, Janine Kelly and Sarah Hague.

In the early part of 2013 a change was made to the company to reflect this – TYR is no longer a not for profit co-operative. However, our priorities haven’t changed – we still aim to provide a warm and welcoming space for everyone in the community to come and practice yoga!