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Acro yoga

Acro Yoga

with Josh Rowe

Friday 30th November 2018
7.45 pm 9.00 pm

Pre-book £12.00 (£10.00 concessions)

The Yoga Rooms Chorlton

483a Barlow Moor Road
First Floor

M21 8AG
This is a moderate class suitable for
  • All Levels

Acro yoga is a wonderful way to connect with others around you. A combination of Acrobatic moves and yoga flows comes together in a beautiful team to create what we see as Acro Yoga.

This partner based activity is a fantastic way to further explore the potential of the human body; the strength, flexibility and the connection that it is capable of with another person. Bring a partner or just come along and meet someone new, we will be encouraging mixing with the groups, so everyone gets to swap and change between partners and experience as many different variations of the practice as possible (making them a well rounded Acro Yogi!)

Our Acrobatic positions consist of:

Base – the person who holds their partner up, where the majority of stability comes from, as well as strength. Both of which will improve vastly with exercise like Acro Yoga.

Flyer – the elegant and strong position that makes the flowing look effortless. Strong core engagement and body awareness will be developed as a flyer!

In short, we will teach you how to base, how to fly and how to become an effective spotter to prevent injury if you are ever practicing away from the studio with friends! It’s a fun way to meet new people, gain some experience is a new activity and take away a new pastime because we guarantee you’ll love it!


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