Portrait of yoga teacher, Nicole Hogarth

Nicole Hogarth

With a background in ballet as a student of the Dance School of Scotland, Nicole has explored, from a young age, what it means to develop physical mastery of the body and mental discipline through daily rehearsal. She understands the importance of enjoying yoga to maintain a regular practice.

Her career path led to qualification as a primary school teacher, a job which allowed Nicole to focus on sharing a love of learning and helping others reach their full potential. Her particular role included the development of a curriculum in emotional intelligence, designed to improve the mental wellbeing of staff and pupils alike.
Nicole discovered yoga in 2010 when she moved to Manchester and began attending regular classes at The Yoga Rooms as a way of bringing her busy life into balance. In 2016 she decided to combine her passions for yoga and teaching as well as elevating her own practise by completing her 200 hour TTC at Vinyasa Yoga School, Rishikesh, India.

Now a full-time yoga teacher, Nicole’s teaching style is fun and light hearted. Her classes have a flowing, dance-like quality and elements of yogic philosophy woven throughout. She maintains her commitment to helping others find a sense of inner harmony as well as learning how to maintain their long term physical wellbeing through the practise of yoga.


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