Portrait of yoga teacher, Lauren Dean

Lauren Dean

Lauren has practised a number of different types of yoga, on and off, for around 15 years before establishing a regular practice following the birth of her son in 2013. It was at this point that she began to recognise the many other benefits of yoga, as well as the physical aspects.

In 2015, Lauren’s interest in yoga had become so great that she decided to undertake a Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training course, with Mick Timpson of the Yoga Life Project, to increase her understanding. She particularly enjoying learning about the effects of breathing on the body and mind, the different meditation techniques and how to bring yoga into your daily life. Lauren qualified in August 2017.

On a personal level, Lauren incorporates yoga into her life, not only as a physical practise that complements her other hobbies of running and getting into the great outdoors but also as a means to find calm and quiet moments, particularly when life becomes very busy. Lauren passionately believes that yoga should and can be for everyone, and hopes that she can pass on some of the many benefits she has experienced through her classes.


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