Portrait of Relax Kids teacher Julie Emerson

Julie Emerson

Julie is a Relax Kids coach working in schools across the Greater Manchester area and is looking forward to bringing Relax Kids to her local community.

A secondary school teacher with over 15 years experience, six of these years as a senior leader, and mum to three young children, she has seen first hand the positive effects that enabling children to talk about and to manage their emotions can have.

She is passionate about providing opportunities for teachers, parents and children to learn these skills so that that they can all be happier with positive mental health throughout their lives. Experience with her own children has firmed up her belief that exposing even very young children to the activities and skills learned in Relax Kids classes can be nothing other than positive.

Julie is part of a network of dedicated and like minded Relax Kids coaches and keeps up to date with current research and practice in this field.


Julie Emerson