Yoga student in restorative child posture

Restorative Yoga

with Sara Lucarelli

Fridays 8.00 pm 9.00 pm

Drop-in £6.00 (£4.80 concessions)

Unless otherwise stated, the next class takes place on Friday 29th May 2020

This is a gentle class suitable for
  • All Levels

Resting is a revolutionary practice, an act of rebellion in an increasingly busy world. Restore your body and mind through deep relaxation.

Signs of spring are appearing all around us. This time of year often gives us the impetus to make changes in our lives, to renew from the inside out. With so much energy and life bursting through around us, Spring is a great time for a new awakening.

With the days growing longer and lighter, we seem to have more vitality and so we capture the energy of spring by taking our awareness to the sense of lengthening, opening, and expanding that is made possible by well nourished energy sources and firmly grounded roots.

Let us take the time to listen to the intuitive and intelligence body and breath. Let us respond to our needs by surrendering into effortless postures for relaxation, nourishment and restoration. By joining this class you commit to curiosity in the state of your body, mind and breath, allowing yourself to truly unwind from the inside out.

Our practice will begin with movement through a series of Restorative Yoga postures with intelligent use of props to honour each body as it presents itself on the day. Long held supported postures, combined with breath awareness, activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the health and balance of our body and mind. To close the session we will spend time in a luscious guided Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) for the body to digest the practices and to be fully present with ourselves.

What you will need:
A mat
2 x blankets
1 pillow

Optional extras:
Extra blankets or pillows (towels make useful alternatives to blankets!)
Yoga blocks
A yoga strap or resistance band
Eye pillow


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