A student practices building core strength in a Pilates posture.

Online Pilates: Technique Focus Course

with Alexis Davis

Saturdays 10.00 am 11.00 am

Course £32.00 (£24.00 concessions), 4-week course

This is a moderate class suitable for
  • All Levels

The roll up is the most challenging Pilates exercise or at least the movement that people most struggle to practice correctly, without risk of injury. The roll up is a real challenge for the abdominal muscles and is known as one of the Pilates flat abs exercises. It is said that one Pilates roll up is equal to six regular sit-ups and is much better than crunches for creating a flat stomach.

This 4 week technique focus course will focus on preparing the body to perform this movement and showing modifications before building up to the full movement at week 4.

The roll up works the deep spinal stabilising muscles such as the transverse abdominis and the multifidus but it is also great for spinal mobility and hip mobility. Once you can achieve the roll up you reduce the risk of overusing the neck muscles whilst performing Supine flexion work like abdominal crunches. You will improve the muscles in the deep abdomen significantly.

This course is a great place for someone with no Pilates experience to begin to gain the benefits of this therapeutic practice but is equally useful to anyone who already practices but wants to take their practice to the next level.


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