Yoga students practice paraghasana

Jivamukti Yoga

with Sophie-Rae Martyn

Saturdays 11.15 am 12.45 pm

Drop-in £9.00 (£6.00 concessions)

The Yoga Rooms Chorlton

483a Barlow Moor Road
First Floor

M21 8AG
This is a moderate class suitable for
  • Beginners Plus (Level 1)
  • Intermediate (Level 2)
  • Advanced (Level 3)

Jivamukti Yoga is a physical, ethical and spiritual practice. Through yoga teachings that are relevant both on and off the mat, Jivamukti creates a path to Enlightenment through compassion to all beings, to our relationship with the Earth, our realization of the oneness of being and the discovery of lasting happiness.

Jivamukti Yoga was founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life who have centered the philosophy around 5 Tenets – Ahimsa (non-harming), Bhakti (devotion), Nada (sound), Dhyana (meditation) and Shastra (study of scripture), all of which are incorporated into each Open Class. Jivamukti yoga will guide you through a practice that allows you to explore the nature of your being and to become more aware and connected to your true Self.

A student can expect a dynamic Vinyasa style class using challenging and intelligent sequencing to move you deeper within your own practice, as well as teachings following the Jivamukti focus of the month, mantra, pranayama and meditation. Throughout the class, the student will be reminded of both the practice and the goal itself – yoga.

This is an intermediate level class, however beginners are more than welcome. It is a great way to begin your own journey and to be introduced to the philosophy of yoga.


The Yoga Rooms