Yoga students are practicing downward facing dog pose

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

with Susi Wrenshaw

Thursdays 11.30 am 1.00 pm

Pre-book £62.00 (£50.00 concessions), 6-week course

The Yoga Rooms Chorlton

483a Barlow Moor Road
First Floor

M21 8AG
This is a gentle class suitable for
  • All Levels

A gentle body-based approach to restore healthy function of the nervous system, rewire neural networks and balance brain chemistry. This 6 week specialist course teaches specific techniques for people experiencing anxiety and/or depression.

It is common to experience tiredness, fatigue, aches and pains, headaches and feel generally run down if you are coping with feelings of depression or anxiety. By dedicating time to the nurturing practice of therapeutic yoga, you can strengthen your ability to cope with the demands of life, release old patterns and improve your self-esteem.

The course draws on the full spectrum of yoga practices chosen and adapted for maximum impact on mental health. You will learn Western and yogic science of anxiety and depression as well as some theory behind the techniques so you know why and how they work. The full 30 page manual and weekly homework means you can continue to integrate the techniques into your life as part of a holistic approach to full health. If you miss a week, you can follow along in the course book and continue to practice.

Yoga therapy can help to reduce the frequency and intensity of panic attacks and/or low mood so that you can do the things you want to do again. It is natural to feel anxious when considering the course, however people find this fades significantly after the first session. Attending sessions regularly with the same group can be a very therapeutic and healing experience. You do not need a diagnosis or experience of yoga to join the course.

Suitable for people with:
GP-diagnosed or self-diagnosed anxiety, depression or both
Little or no experience of yoga
Low-levels of activity and/or fitness
Weight issues
Other health issues

To book you can visit Susi’s website here.


Susi Wrenshaw

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